Traveller – Mongoose 2nd Edition

Adventure Record – Session One – 07/12/2019

Kishimaa/Diamond Prince 1933
Date: 125-993

SK and Reyan pilot the Rustam down into the gas giant atmosphere towards the location of the transponder signal. As they move down deeper into the atmosphere, they enter a huge storm that buffets the small scout craft. Huge bolts of lightning arc down around them, but SK expertly pilots the Rustam through safely. The craft’s glitch sensors have trouble penetrating through the storm, so the travellers come across the source of the transponder signal suddenly as it appears through the clouds. Instead of a tramp freighter, the travellers find that a floating warehouse.

Hoping on communication, Reyan tries to access the warehouse’s computer systems, but learns that the computer is isolated from the comms system. Transmitting the code given to them by Gvrrzo Uszugou, the loading doors on the warehouse slowly open, the Travellers learn that there is no airlock, and they will need to enter the facility in their vac suits.

Once inside the warehouse, they note that there is loading walker and roughly 40 odd tons of cargo in 1-ton containers. A brief interrogation of the containers cargo locks reveals that they have not been interfered with, they contain pharmaceuticals, and originated at Hansen’s World.

The travellers surmise that they have been duped, that the cargo must be stolen goods, and they were set up to retrieve them. After a brief discussion, the travellers decide to hand in what they have discovered to the authorities, but first they would move the warehouse so that if the pirates came looking for it they wouldn’t be able to find it. They also agreed to record what they were doing as evidence if needed.

Using his PRIS goggles, SK finds an access hatch in the wall behind the cargo, and determines by the electromagnetic signature given off that it must be a computer. Using the loading walker, Reyan moved the cargo to allow access to the panel, then opened it, revealing a small computer.

Hacking into the computer, Reyan found little useful information, but did discover the application to pilot the warehouse with it’s grav-lifters and a remote control code. The two travellers returned to the Rustam, connected to the warehouse using the Rastum’s computer, and remotely piloted the warehouse out of the stone and several hundred kilometres away.

Heading back into orbit, the travellers decided to refuel and then jump to landing, where they could send a message to the Sector Capital, but before they could begin they were hailed by the INS Bathoome, an Imperial Navy patrol corvette. On their sensors they could see another corvette as well. Bot vessels were stationed so they could pursue the scout if they tried to flee.

Reyan opens communication with the Bathoome, and hi is ordered to maintain course and vector and prepare to be boarded. Reyan acknowledges the request, and the Bathoome moves towards the Rustam and docks while the other patrol corvette covers her sister ship.

Three marines in heave combat armour board the Rustam. The lead marine introduces himself as Corporal Enrii Dovinson. He requests permission to board, and to search the Rustam’s cargo manifests and cargo hold. The Travellers assist the marines in every way possible, and reveal what they have discovered. Dovinson excuses himself and has a brief discussion with the captain of the Bathoome via coms. Returning to the Travellers, Dovinson extends the captain’s invitation to discuss the matter further with her. The travellers agree, and are escorted to the Bathoome and the Captain’s office.

The travellers find the captain seated at her desk. She stands, introduces herself as Lieutenant Nuala Shivisto. After dismissing Enri, she asks the travellers to repeat what they had revealed to the corporal. After a short series of questions, the captain asks the travellers for their assistance in arresting Gvrrzo Uszugou. The travellers agree, and the captain informs them to take their cargo back to Shamuus as agreed, and deliver it to the broker. She would provide them an official missive that clears them of any wrongdoing. She would also refuel the Rustam from her own tanks to enable them to leave as quickly as possible.

After refuelling and a brief rest, and their cargo safely stowed in the cargo bay, the travellers vectored for the jump point to Shamuus.

Kishimaa/ Diamond Prince 1993
Date: 127-993

The Rustam tumbles very smoothly into jump space.

Shmauus/Diamond Prince 2133
Date: 134-993

After 6 days and 16 hours, the Rustam precipitates smoothly out of jump at the edge of the system’s red dwarf’s jump shadow. After gaining their bearings, the travellers vector for Shamuus.

Shmauus/Diamond Prince 2133
Date: 136-993

The Rustam arrived at Shamuus with no incidents. The travellers were given an approach vector Starort Control, and land the ship. Immediately they attempt to contact Gvrrzo via the comm number he provided them, but he didn’t answer. Rayen left a message for the broker and he and SK waited for a response in a starport bar.

After waiting till early evening for a reply, the travellers surmise that something must have happed to the broker, or he was avoiding them. Rayen checked Gvrrzo’s contact details again and found a PO Box in the small startown attached to the starport. Too late for the postal service to be open, the travellers decide to book hotel rooms for the night and see if they could get any further information regarding Gvrrzo in the morning.

Shamauus/Diamond Prince 2133
Date: 137-993

The travellers arrive at one of the two post offices in the startown and manage to learn that the post office box does indeed belong to Gvrrzo, but were unable to learn anything else. After a brief discussion they decide to unload the cargo and start looking for new cargo to transport to Gashuki/Diamond Prince 2232.

Shamauus/Diamond Prince 2133
Date: 138-993

The travellers find themselves in a local nightclub called the Chamber. Reyan had heard that it was popular meeting place for offworlders, locals, and brokers. He was hoping to be able to find enough cargo to fill their hold. The travellers had already found a shipment of mail to deliver and a few passengers bound for Gashuki.

A minor disturbance attracted SK’s attention and as he watched, it began to grow. A thin, rather dishevelled looking man was raising his voice and claiming that ‘invisible aliens’ were following him. Two bouncers approached him and tried to calm him down, but the man became abusive and hostile. Sk alerted Reyan to the situation just as the man began to throw punches. The bouncers tried to restrain him, but the man was exhibiting an unusual amount of strength for his build. The travellers moved in to assist the bouncers, and together they managed to grapple the man and escort him outside the club.

After a few more words of abuse, the man staggered away into the night. SK decided to follow him while Reyan stayed behind at the nightclub to continue looking for cargo. Before he sat down, Reyan asked the bouncers if the disturbance was a regular occurrence. They said that Johan had was a regular customer, but since he had lost his job he started drinking heavily and his behaviour was getting worse and worse. The bouncers then told Reyan that his drinks were on the house as a thank you for his assistance.

SK followed Johan into some rather well-t-do suburbs of the startown, and watched as he approached a well-kept house and unlocked the door with a swipe card. Before entering, Johan scanned the street and saw SK. Quickly, he ducked inside and closed the door.

Returning to the Chamber, SK and Reyan compared notes, and then relaxed to enjoy the complimentary drinks for the rest of the night. Approximately an hour later, SK noticed that Johan had gotten back into the club and was looking suspicious. He drew Reyan’s attention to the man just as Johan spotted SK, pulled out a long-arm from under his coat and opened fire.

Important NPCs
Lieutenant Naula Shivisto: Luriani Imperial Navy officer, Captain of the INS Bathoome.
Corporal Enrii Dovinson: Imperial Star Marine assigned to the INS Bathoome.
Vargr Gvrrzo Uszugou: Vargr broker on Shamuus.
Johan: an unemployed man seemingly suffering from hallucinations and paranoia.

Session 0 – 23rd November 1019

Shamuus/Diamond Prince 2133
Date: 115-993

Reyan Virdan and Snaeling Kvarleng, ex-scouts, sat nursing drinks in a seedy watering hole called the “drunken Spaceman” in the Startown of Shamuus Down. The extablishment had only a few patrons, predominantly human and a few vargr, who most likely worked at the starport.

The ex-scouts were down on their luck. They had been on Shamuus for several weeks now looking for cargo to carry and had come up empty handed. If things didn’t change soon, they would be relegated to doing a mail run which, while paying the bills, would leave precious few credits left over.

As Reyan stood to fetch fresh drinks, his comm-unit beeped, indicated a new notification. Pulling out from his pocket, he read a short request for a salvage team to perform an operation in the Kishimaa System. The ad gave contact details and the name of a broker, Gvrrzo Uszugou.

Without any discussion, Virdan made contact with the broker, who agreed to meet them shortly at the Drunken Starman.

The crew didn’t have long to wait before a middle-aged, garishly dressed vargr arrived. They both stood to greet him, and after shaking hands and getting drinks, they got down to business. Uszugou advised the crew that a ship was bringing him in a cargo of pharmaceuticals, but caught in the gravity will of a gas giant in the Kishimaa system. The Captain was able to stabilise his ship to prevent it from sinking further into the gravity well and called for help. He and his crew were rescued but had to leave the ship and cargo behind. The captain is currently raising funds to return for his ships, but Uszugou simply does not have the luxury of time, as his client wants the cargo.

Uszugou would like the ex-scouts to retrieve 48 tonnes of cargo for 12,000 credit per ton (half the normal price), but if they are able to free the ship, it would be there’s for cargo. Virdan bargained the fee to 15,000Cr per ton along with the ship. The broker agreed and they crew shook on the deal. Uszugou transmitted the co-ordinates, transponder signal of the ship, and appropriate paperwork to Virdan and left.

Virdan and Kvarleng wasted no time and headed right for their ship, and aging scout vessel they had named Rustam. The ship had a number of quirks, including air filters that stank of old socks and a flighty sensor suit. Taking off, they headed out to the jumpoint to Kishimaa

Shamuus/Diamond Prince 2133
Date: 116-993

The Rustam tumbled smoothly into jump space

Kishimaa/Diamond Prince 1933
Date: 123-993

After 176 hours in jump, the Rustam smoothly precipitated into normal space 16.5 hours from the second gas giant in the Kishimaa System.

Kishimaa/Diamond Prince 1933
Date: 124-993

Kvarleng deftly manoeuvred the Rustam into orbit, and the crew began searching for the transponder signal they had been given. The gas giant was particular noisy, far more so than one of its size should do. Virdan did what he could with the computers to try and filter out the magnetic noise from the gas giant, but it proved to be a long and difficult process. Eventually, Kvarleng slid the Rustam deeper into the gravity well in the hope of improving their chances of finding their quarry. The manoeuvre proved to be beneficial a few hours later, when after 9 hours of intent searching the crew located the source of the signal. Having gone without sleep for too long, the crew decided to turn in attend to the salvage operation after a sleep shift.

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